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From finding the right buyer, to arranging financing and facilitating negotiations; we provide transactional intermediary services that enable companies to buy, sell, partner, capitalize, expand, and divest.  We offer these services in partnership with our parent company, The Vann Group:

Buying businesses

We have an extensive database of prospective companies for sale and a comprehensive approach for identifying companies and investment opportunities for:

  • Strategic Industry Buyers
  • Independent Individual Buyers
  • Investment Groups

We assist groups in identifying, negotiating and closing on privately held companies. We conduct our searches and negotiation confidentially and assure our clients anonymity if they so wish.

Selling businesses

We understand that selling a business is far more than deciding to retire or to move on to the next chapter of your life; it has significant financial and emotional implications.  We take a professional approach to selling privately held businesses with these steps:

  • Develop a valuation.
  • Create a customized marketing plan.  
  • Manage all aspects of the transaction so that the seller needn’t worry about the details, communication is consistent and all issues are resolved quickly.
  • Structure the deal so that it meets the needs of both seller and buyer.

Over the years, we have used these methods:

  • Seller Financing
  • Earn-Outs
  • Consulting Contracts & Employment Agreements
  • Maintaining Perquisites (health insurance, vehicles, travel, etc.)
  • Recapitalization of the Balance Sheet & Growth Equity
  • Exchanges of Debt for Cash & Equity

We provide the expertise, professionalism, confidentiality and creativity to maximize the value to the seller and make the sale a reality.

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