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Real Estate Professionals

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We know real estate!

We’ve been helping residential and commercial real estate professionals run their businesses for over 30 years. Our real estate industry clients get so much more than accounting and taxes.  When you work with us you’ll also get vital information and real, practical help with things like agency budgeting, financing, and handling complex commercial for buyers and sellers.

We know the challenges you face with managing cash flow through the ups and downs of real estate cycles, controlling overhead, and dealing with competition, consolidation, marketing, and way too many regulatory rules. 

“Together we’ll get there” is a real truism here at Dufault, Vann & Carella, because we develop long term trusted advisory relationships with our clients by providing invaluable guidance from start up to exit.

Exit and Succession Planning

In fact, our exit and succession planning services are second to none.  That’s because we not only create the plan that’s right for you and your business, we also handle whatever transaction(s) the plan calls for, whether an internal transfer, external sale or liquidation.  

How Valuable is Your Accounting Firm?

Ask yourself.  How valuable is your current accountant or accounting firm to your overall business? If you’re not sure, call us today your business? If you’re not sure, call us today at 413-543-6177!

We know real estate. That’s why we represent so many residential and commercial real estate agencies throughout Western Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut.